Beer Trumps Hate

With sales from our tasting room and wholesale accounts across Seattle, including events at the Red Door and Hopvine, our "Beer Trumps Hate" campaign raised over $5,000 for the Washington ACLU and Seattle Anti-Defamation League!

Our Motivation

At Rooftop, we've always believed that beer and community go hand in hand.  It's why we started Rooftop in the first place: to share great craft beer with all of our friends and neighbors.  Like a lot of you, the current political environment concerns us and we're motivated to use our beer, our space, and our community to take some sort of action... which is why Beer Trumps Hate IPA and this campaign were born.

We are so lucky to be doing something that we love: making great beer and serving a community that loves and supports us.  We hope that the Beer Trumps Hate IPA campaign can give something back to that community, raising money and awareness for organizations that we care about, organizations that fight against hatred and divisiveness. 

The Beer

Beer Trumps Hate IPA features Mosaic Hops. This is intentional. These locally grown hops are one of our favorites for their incredibly citrus-y, fruity flavors and aromas. But more than that, we chose to use Mosaics for the symbolism -- a nod to the notion that beer can be a common bond between a mosaic of different people. It's a pleasure to share, to talk over, and to toast.

We hope you enjoy Beer Trumps Hate IPA as much as we do. Let's hoist a pint or two for a good cause!

The Causes

The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State

The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State

Anti-Defamation League’s Pacific Northwest Regional Office

Anti-Defamation League’s Pacific Northwest Regional Office

Where to Find Beer Trumps Hate IPA

You can't!  We are SOLD OUT.  Well, there may be some left at a few of the bars and restaurants listed below.  But mostly it is gone.  That does NOT mean that the Beer Trumps Hate campaign is over!  Stay tuned on the main page for updates as several other local Seattle breweries have agreed to take up the cause!  

The list below includes all the bars that supported Rooftop Brew Co's version of Beer Trumps Hate.

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