Rooftop's IPA: Come and Taste it for Yourself.

Well shucks, guys. You really like us.

We were flattered and honored this past weekend to have our IPA awarded 1st Place in the 26th Annual PNA Winter Beer Taste. Looking down the line up of all the excellent breweries and beers, it's amazing to think that ours was picked as the favorite (!). Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to this great event and especially to those of you who voted for us.

...and we have to agree, our IPA (especially poured through a Randall) really is a tasty beer.

That said:

Did you know that our tasting room is the only place IN THE WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE to sample our IPA???

You're just going to have to come in an taste for yourself. 

Also: to celebrate the win, this Friday (only), we'll be pouring the IPA through the Hop Randall, as we did at the PNA Event. (For the uninitiated, pouring the beer through a Randall means that the beer flows through a canister of hops on its way to your glass).

Our full tap lineup this week looks like:

  • Rooftop's PNA-Champion IPA (Randall'd on Friday)
  • The Imperial IPA (aka, "IIPA" or "Double I-PA")
  • Scotch Ale
  • Citra Single Hop Ale*
  • Pugland Pale Ale*
  • ESB on the Nitro Tap (mmm... creamy)

*If the Citra kicks, we'll switch over to our new Winter Warmer and when the Pugland goes we'll move over to Belgian Wit.

Anyways. Hip-hip-hooray for IPA! Thanks for the love!


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