You Drank Us Out of House and Home (Thanks!)

Many, many thanks to everyone who joined us for an incredible Grand Opening celebration last night! It was great to see all the smiling faces enjoying our brews. To all our friends, neighbors, (day job) coworkers, friends-of-friends, loyal fans, new fans, friends-of-fans, Crossfitters, beer geeks, hopheads, WABLers, explorers, alley cats and vagrants: Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all rule. 

...So... some bad news: You are rule SO MUCH that you (quite nearly) drank all our beer (and that's saying something, because we really had a lot, more than we thought we needed). As such, the tasting room will be CLOSED tonight.

Rest assured that we'll come back strong (like ox) and be back in action next Thursday and Friday. Time to put our heads down and get brewin'...

Thanks Rooftoppers!


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