Taplist for our Grand Re-Opening Weekend

Below is the full list of beers we plan on serving this weekend. For the math impaired, that's 15 beers for 10 taps. That means it won't all be there when you are. Sorry! Some we have plenty of, others are a little more precious. We'll be rotating new beers in each day, among our ten active taps. Check Twitter and Facebook for the latest.


Belgian Wit

A classic Belgian White, with Indian coriander and orange peel. This was the very first batch brewed on our new system. 5.0% ABV « 19 IBU

Gateway Pale Ale

Formerly known as “Hoppy Half-Wheat,” this is a “hoppy” beer for people who “don’t like hoppy beers,” designed to help you appreciate the hops without all the bitterness.  It’s all floral and citrus flavor and aroma. 5.2% ABV  « 20 IBU

Pugland Pale Ale

Named for the charmingly slapdash “Pugland” tag on our old garage brewery, this American Pale Ale will fill your nose with Cascade and Simcoe hops. 6.0% ABV  «  25 IBU

Simcoe Single Hop IPA

A beer built with a light grain base to highlight the piney-earthiness and subtle fruity bouquet of Simcoe hops. 7.0% ABV «  48 IBU

Stargazer IPA

Our flagship IPA.  Five different hop varieties sit atop the roasty goodness of Victory Malt. Darker than your average IPA, this beer begs to be enjoyed under a clear night sky. Anyone see the Perseids? 6.8% ABV  «  76 IBU

Summer ISA

Light and hoppy and eminently quaffable, this India Session Ale is full-flavored, but doesn’t pack quite the alcohol punch of some of our other IPA’s. 4.9% ABV  « 47 IBU

E.S.B. (Nitro Tap)

We think our ruddy, classic, British-style E.S.B. goes great on nitro. We love the thick creamy head combined with a balanced sweet, malty finish. 6.5% ABV  «  30 IBU


A selection of coffee beers (some you know, some you don’t) to celebrate our awesome new roommates, Zoka Coffee Roasters and Caffe Ladro Roasting.

Coffee Blonde
w/ Caffe Ladro’s Harrar Mesala

Balanced coffee flavor in a lighter colored beer?! Believe it, friend. This single-origin Ethiopian coffee – with subtle, fruity, berry notes – is delicious, and pairs perfectly with Cascade hops. 4.8 % ABV  «  22 IBU

Golden Stout
w/ Zoka Coffee’s Red Bourbon

It’s beer sleight-of-hand from our mad scientist/pilot system brewer, Bryan Myron. It looks light and tastes like a dark. How’d he do it?  Well, a good magician never gives away his tricks… but let’s just say it involves lots of cocao nibs and coffee. 5.3% ABV  «  30 IBU

Coffee IPA
w/ Caffe Ladro’s Red Pacamara

We asked Caffe Ladro to hook us up with their wildest coffee for this rowdy experiment of an IPA. Red Pacamara is known for its fruity and “bell-peppery” notes… and boy does it shine through. Skeptical? So were we... but we think we might be on to something here. 7.0% ABV  «  48 IBU

Makeda Coffee Porter
w/ Zoka’s Tatoosh Blend

Our beloved coffee porter, featuring a new coffee from our new roomies. Zoka’s Organic Tatoosh Blend is boldly-flavored, syrupy, deeply-caramelized, and smoky… yet perfectly low in acidity.  It’s a great match for the chocolate and toasty notes in our porter. 5.2% ABV  «  32 IBU


One-Year-Aged Hoppin’ Honey Braggot 

Is it mead or is it beer? Frankly, it is a bit of both. Craig’s famously smooth, famously strong beer packs a wallop behind that innocent pretense of malty, honey sweetness. A rare treat: this batch dates back to the old garage days! 12.6% ABV  «  22 IBU

Rainier ‘Creek’ Ale

Ever wonder what would happen if you fermented a beer with lots and lots of Rainier Cherries?  Well now you know. Naturally-soured with wild yeast, this beer is funky, tart, and worth a try! 9.0% ABV  «  18 IBU

Imperial Porter (aged on French bourbon/oak)

Remember the Imperial Porter from our One-Year Anniversary at the garage one whole year ago? Yeah? Well this is the same batch. It’s our porter recipe on steroids, aged on French oak, soaked in bourbon. This sucker is quite a bit older than some of our children. 10.5% ABV  «  32 IBU


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