Rooftop Anniversary Party!

It's been a great year of brewing and drinking beer with friends in the alley behind 7-Eleven. Come help us celebrate! 

We'll be open from 4pm to 10pm. We'll have 9 taps of all of your favorite Rooftop beers (plus some guests) and Jemil's Big Easy will be serving up some delicious New Orleans grub.

We're also offering our first bottle release! We've brewed a special Triple IPA Anniversary Ale for the occasion and we'll be selling a limited release of 75 bottles, only available at the brewery. We'll also have some of it on tap for your enjoyment as well.

We couldn't be more grateful for the incredibly supportive community that we've been a part of and look forward to toasting to another great year with all of you!

On Tap: 7/17-7/20

The weather may be cooling off for a day or two, but that doesn't mean your thirst is. Stop by Rooftop to keep those summer spirits high and enjoy a beer with friends.

Here's what's on tap:

Hoppy Half Wheat
Pugland Pale
Mosaic Single Hop IPA
Rooftop IPA
Makeda Coffee Porter
CDA with Spruce Tips
Schilling Grapefruit Cider

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On tap 7/10-7/12

It's gearing up to be a hot one this weekend. The only thing better than a dip in the lake on a hot day, is a cold beer to cool you down. Here's what we've got on tap:

  • Mosaic Single Hop IPA
  • Rooftop IPA
  • Spruce Tip CDA
  • Hoppy Half Wheat
  • Makeda Coffee Porter
  • Hoppin' Honey (Pugland Pale when it kicks!)
  • Schilling Grapefruit Cider

On Tap 4/3 through 4/5

It's a week of trusty standards at Rooftop. Five of our six taps are flowing with what some might call the Mt. Rushmore of Rooftop brews:

  1. IPA
  2. Makeda Coffee Porter
  3. Hoppy Half Whit (the beer formerly known as "Dry Hop Wheated Ale")
  4. Pugland Pale Ale
  5. Hoppin' Honey Braggot

As for #6 ... well... it depends:

...If you visit us on Thursday, you'll see the Nelson IPA on the sixth tap.

...If you're in on Friday we'll have our Amarillo Single Hop ("AMASH") Randalled through MORE Amarillo hops (!).

...and if you visit us on Saturday we'll have the AMASH, straight up (no Randall).

IPA is back!!!

Does it feel like it has been awhile since you had a pint of our award-winning IPA?  It has!  For reasons outside of our control, IPA has eluded us for more than three months now.  But we are excited to announce that it is back!!  So - come and get it!

ON TAP 3/13-15:

  • IPA!!!!
  • Rye IPA
  • Steam Pale
  • Scotch Ale
  • Makeda Coffee Porter
  • A Heavy Rain (American Strong Ale)


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