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Saying Goodbye to the Garage...

It's with much excitement and sadness what we launch into the last weekend of operations at the little garage in the alley behind 7-Eleven. If you haven't heard, we're moving out and moving on up:

In order to keep up with demand, Rooftop Brewing Company is expanding its production capabilities from a 1-barrel to a 15-barrel brewhouse. As part of this expansion, Rooftop will be moving into a larger brewing space and opening a true “Rooftop” beer garden, on top of an actual rooftop! 

While we are excited to be opening in a new space, it will be sad to say goodbye to our little garage in the alley behind the 7-ElevenOur lease expires at our current location at the end of September, 2014, and we have decided not to renew so that we can focus on opening our new space. 

Rooftop is taking a short hiatus between closing its current space and opening the new. We hope to open the new space, still in the Queen Anne neighborhood, in early 2015! We will keep you updated on the various interwebs (www/Facebook/Twitter). 

That means that this weekend is it! Last chance to soak up the copious amount of good vibes that we've discovered in our little garage. 

Here's what's to know regarding the final weekend.

  • LIQUID-ation: If you bring in your Rooftop pint glass, we'll be pouring beers into it for just $3! Consider it a 'thank you' for your love and loyalty.
  • Limited Edition Shirts!: They sold like hot cakes last weekend... so don't miss out on your commemorative Rooftop Garage tees:
  • We'll be open during our regular business hours this weekend: 5-9 Thursday, 5-10 Friday, and 3-9 Saturday.
  • We'll have ELEVEN brews rotating on NINE TAPS:
    1. Fresh Hop Ale
    2. Hoppy Half Wheat
    3. Citra Single-Hop IPA
    4. Simcoe Single-Hop IPA
    5. Rye IPA
    6. IPA
    7. CDA
    8. Makeda Coffee Porter
    9. Oak-Aged Imperial Porter
    10. Blueberry Tripel
    11. Schilling Grapefruit Cider

Come get misty-eyed with us!

On tap 7/10-7/12

It's gearing up to be a hot one this weekend. The only thing better than a dip in the lake on a hot day, is a cold beer to cool you down. Here's what we've got on tap:

  • Mosaic Single Hop IPA
  • Rooftop IPA
  • Spruce Tip CDA
  • Hoppy Half Wheat
  • Makeda Coffee Porter
  • Hoppin' Honey (Pugland Pale when it kicks!)
  • Schilling Grapefruit Cider

On Tap 4/3 through 4/5

It's a week of trusty standards at Rooftop. Five of our six taps are flowing with what some might call the Mt. Rushmore of Rooftop brews:

  1. IPA
  2. Makeda Coffee Porter
  3. Hoppy Half Whit (the beer formerly known as "Dry Hop Wheated Ale")
  4. Pugland Pale Ale
  5. Hoppin' Honey Braggot

As for #6 ... well... it depends:

...If you visit us on Thursday, you'll see the Nelson IPA on the sixth tap.

...If you're in on Friday we'll have our Amarillo Single Hop ("AMASH") Randalled through MORE Amarillo hops (!).

...and if you visit us on Saturday we'll have the AMASH, straight up (no Randall).

Rooftop Brewers Night at Chuck's


We like to think of Chuck's Hop Shop as the defacto capital of craft beer culture in Seattle. As such, we're absolutely stoked to be hosting a Brewer's Night at Chuck's tomorrow: Friday, December 20th starting at 5pm. We'll have four kegs of our fine ales on hand (IPA, Hoppin' Honey Braggot, Dry-Hopped Wheated Ale, and Makeda Coffee Porter) and the good folks at Chuck's will be pouring pints as long as they last. Those of you that order a taster flight of Rooftop beers will also receive tokens worth $1 to use in our tasting room (so you can come in and finish batting for the cycle).

If you haven't made the pilgrimage to Chuck's yet, well... it's a lot easier to find than our tasting room. Chuck's Hop Shop is at the corner of 85th and Greenwood (656 NW 85th St).

...and if you're feeling lucky, be sure to enter the raffle to win some radtastic Rooftop schwwagg. 


Lucky for you: the lovely and talented Angela will be doing the beer slinging and she'll have a darn nice lineup to choose from:

  • Belgian Wit
  • Steamer Pale
  • IPA
  • Makeda Coffee Porter 
  • Hoppin' Honey

You've only got a few more nights left to avoid last-minute Christmas shopping to drink beer instead. Don't let them go to waste!


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