We're Tapped!

Just in time for Seattle Beer Week...

Rooftop Brewing Company is very happy to announce that, starting this weekend (and maybe as soon as this evening), Makeda Coffee will (at long last*) have our Makeda Coffee Porter on tap. Dark, complex, smooth and satisfying, we brew our Makeda Coffee Porter with cold-brewed coffee---from Seven Coffee Roasters' beans.

We expect that the Makeda Coffee Porter will be a staple on Prashanthi's taps--and we're excited to keep it flowing.

Two cheers for Seattle's beloved beverage duo: coffee and beer.

*We finally got our license and Makeda got a tap system! 


Seattle Weekly on the Nano-Boom

...well shucks. We got our first real press.

Seattle Weekly's Megan Hill did a nice piece on the rise of nanobreweries in Seattle--and we're honored to be among the profiled breweries.

You might think we'd all be a little anxious about the "competition" popping up around Seattle and the Puget Sound region--but honestly, we're thrilled to be part of what feels like a genuine movement. Our community really knows and loves great beer. There probably can't be enough of us making it.

So go out, enjoy the sun, and sample the great beers from our nano-pals--like Justin at Standard Brewing. It really won't be long until you can come by our place and drink with us.

Pretty soon we'll all turn this town into the beer Mecca we know it can be.

Gettin' Dirty: The BEST Way to Earn Your Beer

And so it begins.

You can't accuse us of wasting any time. Yesterday, around 10am, we got the keys to our modest, new brewing space. We had the ceiling ripped down and a window replaced before sundown. I guess you could say we're anxious to get to the point where we can actually start brewing beer in there.

It's a dusty mess right now, but we're so excited for what this place can and will be.

Keep up with our progress here or on Facebook.

Great Beer Deserves a Great Logo

It's like putting on a jacket that fits JUST RIGHT.   


We couldn't be happier with the work of the incomparable Chelsea Wirtz on our spiffy new logo. Chelsea's talent and thoughtful process made for the creation of timeless and inspired mark. We're so enamored with it... honestly, it's a lot to live up to. 

Now it's time to make you all some beer just as timeless and inspired as Chelsea's work. We hope you'll agree.  

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