We Love Beer.

The Brewers

Craig Christian

Craig is a long time home-brewer and a recovering* attorney.  Craig is one of the reasons that Rooftop is "Rooftop"--as he has a habit of tearing the roof off of buildings to enhance his view (so that he can catch a sideways glimpse of Greenlake). When he is not brewing or lawyering, Craig is probably spending time with his wife Jessica and daughter Abi. Either that, or fixing his leaky roof. Also: Craig is WAY more fleet of foot than he looks. Don't test him.

*Craig is definitely not fully recovered... but the beer helps.  

Parker Wittman

You can think of Parker as Craig and Tyson's adorable, rowdy, little brother brewer; Parker had been brewing with each, separately, for years--finally bringing them together when the time was right. Parker was a physics major, so he's the undisputed geek of the operation, with a penchant for precision and a mind built for experiments. If he's not making beer, Parker is likely off somewhere making something else: perhaps a map, a snack, a putt, a joke, or a campsite. You'll probably see him around town in a white Vanagon with Angela. It's way cooler than Tyson's Van.

Tyson Carlson

The jury has always been out on which thing Tyson loves most: beer, Vanagons, or fresh tracks in the POW-POW. It's probably moot, though, because he's about as passionate as they get about all three. A hydrogeologist by training, Tyson is a man who knows his way around pipes and pumps. His years making sure the waters of the Washington State were just so  have prepared him very well, it seems, for making sure our beers are just so. And for the record, his Vanagon is way burlier than Parker's.

The Brains

Jessica Cohen

Jessica focuses on legal, business development, and beer tasting for Rooftop.  While she's not a brewer herself, Jessica certainly knows a good beer when she tastes it (with a particular fondness for barley wine and sour beers). Outside of Rooftop, Jessica serves as in-house counsel for a large Seattle non-profit biotech company. When she's not working, she's busy running 10ks and running around taking care of her husband, Craig, and daughter, Abi - though Abi is WAY less of a liability than Craig.


Angela Wittman

Far and away the hippest Rooftoper, Angela is in charge of all-things-marketing for the brewery. Not to be underestimated, Angela is the type of gal you'll find outside on a sunny day, with a cold pale ale in her hand, stoically kicking your ass at a game involving hand-eye coordination. When she's not busy explaining to the Rooftop lads that, no, they shouldn't be wearing those shoes with those pants, Angela's managing accounts for a Seattle-based digital media production/advertising agency. Angela still doesn't understand why she can't sleep in the Vanagon ALL of the time. 

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