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Club Membership is open for 2019, you interested? Email

Membership benefits will begin on January 1, 2019 and run through December 31, 2019.  All memberships are renewable. 


Individual Membership

  • Drink from a 20oz special Rooftop Regular ceramic mug at normal cost; --OR--

  • Take $1 OFF a 16oz pint glass (if you don't want 20oz of beer).

  • Keep the mug at the end of your membership;

  • Reserve limited edition bottles or cans before they go on sale to the general public;

  • Purchase up to twice the number of bottles or cans than the general public for limited releases;

  • Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE end-of-year party for pint club members in the brewery, including:

    • Food and beverages;

    • Samples of limited or unreleased beers;

    • Hang with the brewers and owners in an intimate setting- in the brewery!

Family Membership

  • Full benefits of the Individual Membership for 2 members of your family!

  • Both members will share in $4 pints at the same time while at the brewery;

  • Both members will take home a commemorative mug and be invited to the year-end party;

  • Both members can reserve and purchase up to twice the number of special release beers as are made available to the general public.

Business Membership

  • All the benefits of the Individual Membership for your company;

  • Up to 4 individuals can enjoy $4 pints at the same time in the tap room and drink from commemorative mugs;

  • Up to 4 individuals may attend the year-end party, at which time your business will be presented with 4 Rooftop Regular Mugs;

  • Businesses are welcome to reserve and purchase up to four times the number of special release beers as are made available to the general public.


Sign up and pay at the brewery:

  • Visit us in the Taproom...until membership is full.


Sign up online:

  • Click the Sign Up button below. After receiving your form, we will send you an invoice.

Once you are a Rooftop Regular Member..

  • Show up at the brewery and provide the bartender with your name and membership number. You will be served beer at the regular price in a commemorative 20 oz mug or a $4 pint.

  • You will receive periodic emails regarding bottle releases. You may respond to those emails to reserve bottles for purchase at the brewery.

  • You will receive an invitation to a party at the brewery. The party will take place in December 2018. At the party, you will eat, DRINK, and be merry. We will cater the event and have special release beers to sample. At the end of the event, we will present all members with a commemorative mug to take home.


  • All Members will be able to renew for the following year. New members will be taken off of a wait list or on a first come, first served basis if there is room for additional members.

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